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Brian Khavalaji

My name is Brian Khavalaji. I am a fourth-year Communication and Multimedia journalism student at Riara University. Apart from being a multimedia journalism student, I am a multi-passionate digital content creator, graphic designer and radio presenter. I have previously worked for Bima Mtaani, The Youthing Magazine, and Africanwow, among many other digital outlets. I have been published in The Campus Magazine, and The Campus Lady Magazine, and currently working with Western Kenya Times as a content writer. I am the founder of Fresh radio, where I double up as a show presenter, graphic designer, and social media manager.
The need for multimedia journalism has forced me to adapt to the changes. And for that reason, my classmates and I started Fresh Radio. Initially, we wanted to create a portfolio for ourselves because it is a passion we shared. But after a while, we decided to turn it into a multimedia production company.

Our vision

Our vision is to cater to the multimedia production needs of individuals and organizations such as schools, churches, law firms, etc. We also envision creating employment opportunities for talented youths with digital and multimedia journalism skills by empowering them with practical tasks in our radio station.

Our motivation

Through research and observation, we realized that it is hard for organizations to have quality multimedia production without spending a lot of money. As a result, they end up cutting costs
and getting below average or ‘half-baked’ project results.
Fresh Radio comes into play, to help in multimedia production. We are a group of talented students with different skills. For instance, we have an audio engineer and editor, a photographer/videographer, a content producer and director (in charge of live streaming), a writer who is also a graphic designer, a Public Relations officer, and video editors. It is worth noting that our team has multi-talented people, who can switch roles if need be. In the end, we can deliver an email copy, a video, photographs, audio, and infographic for a client while working on a single project. Additionally, Fresh Radio is an online audio-visual radio station that broadcasts four shows every Friday. Another motivation was to help Riara University students and ourselves, practice our journalistic skills while still in school. More importantly, to broadcast issues affecting the youth, and offer a voice and platform for young leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists to showcase their skills and talents.

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