The Koi Element

Juliet Muiruri

Founder The Koi Element
The Koi Element is a digital campaign management company. We leverage the power of the digital space to advocate for social change.
Our campaigns and projects are themed around civic education, active citizenship and governance.
We use digital content like miniseries, short topical videos, infographics, articles, and online discourse for this endeavor.
Our target audience are:-
Duty bearers in the institutions and government agencies tasked with issues affecting
governance and civic education.
Youth, specifically young creatives and professionals who are or are seeking to be active citizens

Our projects include –

  1. It’s The Little Things (2020)
  2. The 20% in the East (2021)
  3. OnetoFiveEdu Series ( 2021)
  4. 90 Days Later (2022)

TKE’s main channels of communication include :-

  1. LinkedIn and Twitter for discourse and connecting to the professional community.
  2. Instagram and Twitter for video highlights and connecting to the youth demographic.
  3. YouTube and our upcoming website for a comprehensive compilation of our work, about

our company, and future endeavors.

At TKE, we value creativity, innovation and pursuing one’s passions to impart change and better Kenya and its People.

See all our works by clicking on this link:

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