Hearts of Joy Charity Foundation

Birir .B. Kipruto: Founder

FOUNDED: September 2019
Duration: 2 ½ years
CONTACT DETAILS: +254725486844 / +254772024058 / +254104486844
EMAIL: heartsofjoy@gmail.com

Hearts Of Joy Charity Foundation was established with the main aim of redefining the concept of humanity in today’s society. Its desire is to put a smile and touch lives by creating a humane society where every child has a sense of belonging and comfort in growth both psychologically and emotionally.


To put a smile and create a sense of belonging to every member of the society through acts of humanity.


Spirituality, Compassion, Selflessness, Integrity, and Transparency.


To have a human-centred society where every child finds comfort and confidence in growth.


With the few charity events and programs conducted; the girl child has managed to redefine her confidence of expression in the social world and uprising their self-esteem. This recreates a sense of belonging where every child lives and grows freely with the rest without feeling inferior or unworthy.


Hearts Of Joy has, through various field research and ground analysis, found out that children between the age of 7 years to 15 years’ experience  challenges during their growth that affect their social, mental and psychological development. This makes them feel inferior and have their self-esteem destroyed completely. Out of the findings; it was noted that 83.66% of the affected are girls whereas 16.34% were boys. The MAJOR problem among the girl-child is menstrual hygiene whereby girls lack sanitary towels and background knowledge on how to encounter this experience and take it as a normal life process. This in our modern world is not worthy to be experienced by any individual as it takes away their confidence and instils fear among girls which affects their education and mental growth.


Through the above highlighted problems; Hearts Of Joy Charity Foundation was established. The Foundation helps work out the problem by donating sanitary pads and foodstuffs to the identified persons of need. This is achieved by mobilizing grass root leaders who are closely in touch with the society in order to establish the neediest members to benefit from the charitable programs conducted. For the case of Children’s Homes and Orphanages; visits are planned and organized prior to the visit through coordination with the responsible authorities.

Hearts Of Joy achieves and finds its success by looking for sponsors and welcoming donations from well-wishers.

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