Khebet Entrepreneurs

Lorraine Chebet Cheruiyot : Founder

Business Name: Khebet Entrepreneurs

Year Started: 2021

Years in business: one year

Venture profile

Khebet Entrepreneurs is a registered company that deals with the procurement of goods and services such as market produce, and construction materials among others. Khebet entrepreneurs is a small company that started back in 2021. Although the company can perform various procurements, It mainly deals with fruits and market produce. We deliver fruits and vegetables to households and homes. Currently, the company is run by me (Lorraine Chebet). In the future, I would love to expand my team to have deliveries done more smoothly.


Khebet entrepreneurs are well aware of this problem in the city and have decided to bring the fruits and vegetables to people’s doorstep. This eases up the struggle of people going to shop. As well as promotes healthy living by consumption of fruits and vegetables


Fruits and Vegetables are essential for a healthy life. Most of the people living in the city do not
have access to cheap and affordable market produce. This prevents them from consuming the right amount of vegetables that are needed for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, most families avoid going to the market due to the busy city life and hence end up foregoing these nutritious aspects of their diet.


The result of the venture has been fair. The few families (around five) that have had deliveries done to their doorstep greatly appreciate it. They have said that the service has helped them start living a healthy life by incorporating nutritious foods into their diet. The service has also eased up their work of going to shop in the market.

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