Luxury BagsKe

Mercy Kaponda: Founder

Luxury BagsKe is a brand that specializes in mini classy bags for the middle and higher-earning market group. The bags are geared to enhance their look with a classy stylish piece.
Luxury BagsKe started in April 2021 after a growing desire in my heart budded.
For some time, a few years maybe, I knew entrepreneurship is a journey I had to take. However, I was quite scared and always consoled myself with ‘it’s not time yet’. It took a visit to a gold shop that was being run by female business owners and reading a book on finances to get me started.


Luxury BagsKe aims to grow into a national brand in the next 5 years. A brand that is recognised by different people in different towns in Kenya. In addition to that, we hope to start producing our own pieces that will be unique in the market.

How to get there?

Luxury BagsKe will work and continue to research on different marketing strategies as well as develop new ones that can constantly push the brand forward.

We aim to do this by working with different people as we believe a cord of three is not easily broken unlike a cord of one. Involving different people means different ideas and perspectives which will be a benefit for the business.

Impact to the Community

Luxury BagsKe is a brand that aims to support the creative industry. We aim to work with different models, photographers, editors, content creators and influencers to produce and market our content.

We believe in impacting other people thus Luxury BagsKe will be a platform where the above-mentioned creatives can grow their talents, get exposed as well as earn an income. Luxury BagsKe will give the creatives a chance to build their portfolio as well as enhance their skills.

As a growing model, I have experienced a certain challenge over and over where most brands prefer models that have worked with other brands, this means that new models have a low chance of entering the industry. Luxury BagsKe, on the other hand, will offer opportunities to new creatives to grow their skills and talents.


Luxury BagKe is a beautiful stylish brand for the sassy classy woman.

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