Star Hope Charity Organization

Rukia Abdi (Founder)

Star Hope Charity Organization

#Voice of the voiceless

It took us almost 1 year working on the idea before we put it into action

Background information

Star Hope Charity Organization is a CBO based in Wajir County, but we do our projects in other parts of the country. The Organization was started on October 2020, and it has 42 members. The main agendas of the organization are to provide food for the needy people especially orphans, empowering women and girls, especially in the remote areas, and providing sanitary towels for girls’ schools in Wajir.


The main problem we faced during our journey was lack of enough funds since majority of us are students. Our plan was to do as many projects as possible for the society but we were limited due to funding issues.We are targeting to help higher population but we lack enough resources.


The solutions that we came up with in relation to our problems are ; reaching out to more companies and organizations for more funding , collecting monthly fees to boost our funds as well as came up with business ideas for the Organization activities.


The main impacts we encountered so far is that we managed to reach out to many orphanages and provide basic needs for them. We also got the opportunity to do various Ramadan program in various parts as well as provide sanitary towels to some girl’s schools in Wajir.

Currently, we are planning to provide water and food for some parts of Wajir during this coming Ramadan since there is a drought in the area.We are hoping to be helped by as many people as possible to make this project successful.

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