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The Cifars Group Of Companies LTD (TwendeSoko.Com)

Twende Soko in Swahili means, “Let’s go to the market.” Twende Soko enables retailers and wholesalers to access FMCG products at affordable prices directly from manufacturers.
Through TwendeSoko.Com’s automated systems, the cost companies spend in getting their products to the end-user is lowered and the efficiency increased. Manufacturers are now
able to tell who bought what, where, and when and consequently improve their value offering to gain more market share and trump competition.


In Africa, at least 66% of businesses opened are closed within the first 10 years of operation. While businesses are coupled with their own fair share of challenges, a common cause of closure among manufacturers and smallholder farmers is the lack of market access. Twende Soko enhances market access for manufacturers and smallholder farmers through a blend of e-commerce, advertising and direct sales. Twende Soko is in the business of communicating value to the end consumer on behalf of manufacturers and smallholder farmers, consequently increasing their sales. Twende Soko handles all the company’s sales and marketing activities using a well-structured system, from the distribution of their products to marketing communication.


We are currently serving over 12 companies in Kenya and delivered to around 40 retailers daily including Chandarana and Goodlife Pharmacies.


FOR FMCG MANUFACTURERS: We eliminate the stress of sales and marketing managers face in a chaotic route to the market where they handle different retailers, wholesalers, and distributors who may sometimes fail to pay up the credit offered. We also use this opportunity to provide them with data that they initially did not have. Retailers are able to place an order through our website and Twende Soko handles the collection of the products from the companies, payment collection from retailers, and data collection from retailers. Using this data, our mother agency, The Cifars Group Of Companies Limited offers companies that sell with us sales and marketing plans aimed at boosting their sales in specific regions through the use of brand activations, merchandising, TV commercials, social media marketing, and distribution. You will never have to worry about handling several accounts once again (some of which do not pay)!

FOR RETAILERS: We lower the cost of stocking your shop! A typical small retailer in Africa may face ‘out of stock as many as three times a week for various products. Companies rarely distribute directly due to the intensive distribution cost of distributing only one product. When the retailers opt for distributors and distributors/wholesalers deliver, the cost may be high to cover the high distribution cost. By acquiring goods directly from companies, we reduce the cost of acquiring goods for retailers and consequently the ‘out of stock because the retailers are able to save up and order more than they were before. You will never have to worry about being charged heavy fees to stock your shop again!


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