Trev’s Wear

Trevor Mbuthia: Founder – Trev’s Wear

Trev’s Wear is a clothing venture that seeks to give customers both comfort and confidence in whatever they wish to purchase. Coming to Trev’s wear offers you a solution to your clothing needs in one place. You will find both ladies and gent’s wear as well as shoes for both genders, making it a one-stop kind of shop.

The Motivation: behind the business is to offer cloth wear that brings Comfortability and Confidence to anyone rocking their outfits.

The Vision: is to give men an easier option out in dressing. No struggles anymore in choosing the right outfit for you.


Lack of the know-how on what matches with what.

Getting someone who understands certain body types and what would look good on
an individual by; giving both recommendations and aiding an individual in finding out
their real-selves.

Where to get both affordable and quality products without struggling or going through
a hustle.


Knowing basic fashion skills and matches prevents one from making mistakes.
To maximize on profits unethically, some businesses give products of low quality. At Trev’s Wear, you are protected from that.
Some men around specifically, aren’t confident of themselves due to either past- traumas or societal pressure that may make them feel less of a man. With dressing good as a way of relieving them from stressors, they will feel good about themselves, receives comments, and indeed feel noticed and appreciated.

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