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Thrifty Agriculture

Our company,

Thrift Agriculture is a pioneering leader in sustainable agriculture, bringing
innovative and eco-friendly farming solutions to urban environments. We specialize in the
design, implementation and operation of solar powered vertical farming systems, revolutionizing
the way fresh produce is grown and distributed.
Business concept.
Our solar powered vertical farming system leverages cutting edge technology, renewable
energy and advanced agricultural practices to grow a wide variety of high quality crops in
vertical indoor spaces. By utilizing unused urban areas, rooftops and vacant buildings, we
maximize land efficiency while minimizing environmental impact of traditional agriculture.


Isifo empowers African entrepreneurs by providing a seamless platform to connect with experienced business consultants. With personalized guidance, expert advice, and a community-driven approach, Isifo revolutionizes how startups and businesses thrive in the dynamic African market.

Adulting Podcast

A rising number of young people are not equipped with the right tools to be well functioning adults in the society. Being an adult is more theoretical than practical for them. Be it socially, academically, financially, family, relationship, business, joblessness and much more, many young adults are facing a hard time adjusting and sadly resorting to unconventional ways of dealing with every day life issues. With the availability of technology, there is a wide gap in mass education and sensitization of the youth on what it really takes to be a wholesome youth in the current and future society.

Jush Bakery

Jush Bakery is a business that produces halfcakes and the main reasons for starting it was to open the eyes of the youths to know that, they can be independent when they start small businesses and also create jobs for the other people.


Crochet by Latifah Ismail

Sparkle&Glitter Gift Shop (SnG)

Karwitha Cynthia kimathi

Sparkle and Glitter Gift Shop is a business that embraces re-using and recycling dumped glass bottles in estates and around the environment by using glitter to make them beautiful decor and art pieces. We are able to sell them to the market with matching drinking glasses for the aesthetics of our products. Also, creativity is a big part of our business since we are able to incorporate our personality into making the different designs as well as modify the original looks of the glass bottles.

Lima Ventures

At Lima Ventures, we are revolutionizing the way livestock farmers connect with consumers and supply chains, all while championing the principles of the circular economy. Our digital platform serves as a bridge , empowering farmers and transforming the agricultural landscape for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Kenya Project Management.

Over the one year acceleration programme entrepreneurs are offered a package of support. This includes training and structured mentorship and coaching; possible funding to commercialise your idea; virtual and physical co-working space; networking with Riara University staff and AESU alumni, Ashoka Changemakers, industry experts, a demo day to pitch in front of qualified investors.


Your Mentor

Cow Feeds Grass Hay Farming

This business idea outlines the key elements for establishing and operating grass hay farming for livestock business both online and walk in. The online platform provides a convenient and accessible channel for customers to purchase high-quality hay products. The idea covers market analysis, operational strategies, marketing approaches, and financial projections. Cow feeds grass Hay farm is an established and thriving agricultural business specializing in Bormarhodes type of  hay farming.


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