October 25th 2023: AESU Investor Pitching.

AESU Pitching Event: Showcasing Innovation

One of the highlights of the AESU program is the annual pitching event, where student entrepreneurs get the opportunity to present their business ideas to a panel of potential investors. This event serves as a culmination of months of hard work, innovation, and preparation.

The upcoming pitching event promises to be a spectacular showcase of creativity and innovation. Students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines have been working tirelessly to develop their startups, and the event will be a platform for them to demonstrate their passion and entrepreneurial prowess.


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Nurturing Innovators

Riara University’s AESU program exemplifies the institution’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and driving innovation in Kenya and beyond. By providing students with the tools, knowledge, and mentorship they need to succeed in the competitive world of business, Riara is setting a remarkable example for other educational institutions.

As the AESU pitching event approaches, the excitement and anticipation among students, faculty, and potential investors are palpable. It’s not just a showcase

November 25th 2023: AESU Dissemination Event

The Essence of a Showcase and Dissemination Event

A Showcase and Dissemination Event is more than just a gathering; it’s a celebration of learning, growth, and accomplishment. It’s an occasion where students exhibit their projects, research, art, and achievements to a wider audience, often including fellow students, faculty, family, and the community. Here’s why these events is important for our entrepreneurs: