Sponsors and Partners

British Council

Fast-growth entrepreneurial ventures are essential for prosperity and social progress. Small businesses can be agile early movers in adapting to new trends and responding to crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Universities play a crucial role in underpinning innovation and entrepreneurial activities. They provide the conditions, facilities and talent that foster the emergence of breakthrough ideas.

The partnership between Riara University (RU) Kenya, The Open University UK, and Ashoka East Africa seeks to renew and adapt the entrepreneurship curriculum to produce enterprising graduates capable of securing employment and commercialising locally developed innovations in Kenya. The project addresses a fundamental question: How does curriculum adaptation enable SSA educators to adapt entrepreneurship-related courses delivered through classroom-based environments to blended learning environments within the context of digital innovation?

The partnership allows graduates to learn about entrepreneurship. This knowledge will come in handy with resources such as coaching and mentorship from other businesspeople who will motivate these young entrepreneurs to walk in their unique entrepreneurship journeys. Through action research, the project has designed and launched a Virtual Accelerator digital infrastructure for deploying and scaling entrepreneurship training and networking with industry for students to put into practice classroom-based learning. In addition, through virtual workshops, the project will build the capacity within the partnership and establish a project management structure to sustain the partnership.

The Open Univerisity

Introducing a groundbreaking collaboration that combines the prestige and expertise of The Open University UK with the dynamic spirit of Riara University, we proudly present the Academic Enrichment and Skills Upgrade (AESU) program. This innovative partnership aims to provide students with a unique and enriching educational experience, offering a range of courses and opportunities designed to shape the leaders of tomorrow. With The Open University’s renowned commitment to flexible and accessible learning, and Riara University’s dedication to nurturing talent and creativity, the AESU program promises a dynamic fusion of academic excellence and practical skill development. Welcome to a new era of educational possibilities, where knowledge knows no boundaries and success knows no limits.

Ashoka East Africa

Ashoka East Africa is proud to announce its groundbreaking collaboration with Riara University for a transformative program known as AESU, which stands for Ashoka East Africa at Riara University. This partnership signifies a dynamic commitment to driving social innovation and change on the African continent by harnessing the power of education and community engagement. AESU is poised to become a catalyst for positive social impact, fostering the development of changemakers and leaders who will shape the future of East Africa. In this brief introduction, we will explore the key objectives, goals, and potential impact of this exciting collaboration between Ashoka East Africa and Riara University.

African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS).

The African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS) is a pioneering organization at the forefront of fostering technological advancements and policy development in Africa. With a rich history of promoting sustainable development and innovation across the continent, ATPS has consistently played a vital role in shaping Africa’s technology landscape. In a strategic and exciting collaboration, ATPS has joined forces with Riara University to launch a groundbreaking program known as the African Entrepreneurship and Start-up University (AESU). This partnership is set to bring forth a unique platform that champions innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology, further empowering Africa’s youth and fostering economic growth through cutting-edge education and policy advocacy. Through AESU, the partnership between ATPS and Riara University envisions equipping the next generation of African leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to drive innovation and positive change across the continent.