Our university’s Alumni Office will become a fully-fledged instrument for strengthening ties both between the university and its alumni and between alumni themselves. Our aim is to keep Riara University alumni informed, to be of service to them and to bring them together. Riara University would like to be not just a memory for its alumni, but also a place that alumni can return to, come ‘home’ to for training, for social activities or simply to meet each other again.

For Who?

All graduates with a certificate, diploma or first degree from the University, and all staff who have worked with Riara University are alumni. Our database will contains the contact details of all these alumni, who live all over the world and work in wide-ranging societal, socio-economic and scientific contexts. The university wishes to be a valuable partner for all of these different groups.


Benefits of joining the Riara Alumni association include

  1. Continuing courses / Refresher Courses at a discounted rates
  2. Networking events
    • Gala Dinners
    • Sports events
  3. Services
  • Career services: Access to a job vacancy database with our partners
  • Merchandising – alumni gift shop
  • Mentorship and Coaching
  1. Library membership
    • Access to all library services
  2. Community Service projects with RU
    • Join in social Responsibility projects opportunity to participate in community projects
  3. Public lectures / guest speakers
    • Opportunity to attend public lectures
    • Opportunities to be a guest speaker
  4. Regular Communication – newsletters, blogs


Riara University can count on financial support both from its partners as it carries out its work in education, research and service to the community. Unfortunately, this funding is not sufficient to enable long-term progress and development. This is why we appeal to your generosity. Your financial commitment allows Riara University to continue investing in education and research. How you contribute is completely up to you. The University Fund relies on the loyalty of alumni, companies and anyone else who wishes to sponsor the university’s activities.

Channels for giving ; Community service initiatives, Library improvement fund, Scholarship fund