The University Awards are among the most prestigious awards presented at Riara University. These awards were established to recognize students who embody service excellence, and dedication, or whose academic achievements remain stellar. Each recipient is recognized during the graduation ceremony conducted every year.

Excellence in Leadership Award

The Excellence in Leadership Award is presented to graduands who have been transformative leaders amongst the students and outside. The 2022 Excellence in leadership awardees have been visionary, motivating, team players, supportive & influential.

Vice Chancellor’s Roll of Honor

This award is presented to overall outstanding students in academia and those that have shown great curiosity in scholarship. We present to you highly qualified academic leaders.

University’s Sports Award

The Riara University’s Sports Award is presented at every graduation to graduates who have had an outstanding performance in sports, both in the male and female categories.

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is presented to graduands who have demonstrated outstanding contributions in service to the community within Riara University and beyond.

Njeri Global Children Award

The Njeri Global Children Award is awarded courtesy of the family of distinguished Prof. Micere Mugo, an Emerita Meredith Professor of teaching excellence at Syracuse University. The award is in support of economically challenged but bright students.

Innovator’s Merit Award

The Innovator’s Merit Award is presented at every graduation to graduands who have demonstrated outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial skills within the campus and elsewhere.