Blissful Vibes from the Coolest VC to the May/June 2022 Freshmen

Blissful Vibes from the Coolest VC to the May/June 2022 Freshmen

Let me take this opportunity to say a very warm Welcome to Riara University!

We are truly delighted that you chose Riara University as the place to nurture your talent and intellect.

Riara University is founded on a 5-decade long history of the Riara education, which was founded close to 50 years ago by two celebrated Kenyan educationists Daniel Gachukia and Prof. Eddah Gachukia.

Over the last 5 decades, Riara education has come to be very highly respected in Kenya, in Africa and beyond.

You therefore join a heritage of top quality education based on our core purpose of empowering lives, impacting communities.

Over the next few days you will get to learn more about RU, but more importantly, over the next two, three or four years your life will be totally transformed.

Here at Riara we will be focusing on 4 main areas:

  1. Employability
  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Devt
  3. Ethics and Leadership
  4. Student Life


  • Exposing you to countless interactions with employers e.g. through impactful Guest Lecturers, among many others.
  • We also use active learning methods to put you in the driving seat of your learning e.g. through Project Based Learning
  • We also have a course on Corporate World Skills taught by practitioners from industry in 3rd year.
  • These are just a few mentions but there is a whole lot more that you will discover.
  • Our graduates were reporting over 93% employability rates before COVID with 50% getting placed before graduation and 83% within 6 months.

On Entrepreneurship

  • We train you in 1st year about how to be entrepreneurial and to create jobs
  • iCentre where you can get mentorship and learn from others
  • Setting up a virtual accelerator under a project dubbed AESU which is funded by the British Council
  • Virtual accelerator connects you to mentors all over while you study
  • Entrepreneurship weeks where students exhibit their businesses on campus to access clients from students and staff.

On Ethics and Leadership

  • We uphold our values and expect everyone to be driven by internal values rather than being policed by the University
  • We have an honour code that drives us as a community of honour
  • We present you countless opportunities to hone your leadership skills whether in class as a class rep, in the student government where there are very many positions, leading clubs, serving and leading during university events, among many others.

On Student Life

  • Countless opportunities in student clubs, exchange programs, sports, health and wellness among many others.

As I welcome you to Riara, let me give you a few tips on how you can make the most out of your life on campus.

  1. Make every moment count. Remain focused from day one. Many students realise when it is too late that they wasted countless transformative opportunities while on campus.
  2. Be Active from Day one. Join clubs, participate in events, etc
  3. Learn to Ask Questions
  4. Love learning. Be an avid reader
  5. Create superior habits, for from them all life’s achievements flow.

I wish you every blessing and success as you join our wonderful family.


Prof. Robert Gateru


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