On 31st May, 2017, Riara Law School hosted the Young Members Group of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)-Kenyan section, the country’s largest Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution.

The event focused on two key issues namely, opportunities for upcoming lawyers in this field and internships for RLS students. CIArb was represented by Ms. Mercy Okiro –Chairperson & Convener, Mr. Samuel Nderitu – member, James Ngotho – Associate, and Wilfred A. Mutubwa – Fellow. RLS Dean, Prof Sylvia Kang’ara and faculty, Ms Florence Shako and Caroline Lichuma attended the event alongside RLS students.

Mercy Okiro opened the event by describing the work of CIArb, the various types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms and their pros and cons. She stated that CIArb is an international center of excellence for the practice and profession of ADR with the main headquarters in London. On the nature of ADR, M. Okiro stated that ADR is being advocated for by courts and other stakeholders despite being new in Kenya and that it cuts across all areas of law.

Samuel Nderitu talked about the career opportunities that can be found in ADR including research, active dispute resolution, academia, among others. He further asserted that ADR saves many resources including money and time as it is faster and less expensive. Mr. Nderitu concluded by urging students to take advantage of opportunities available at CIArb, including scholarships, experience and learning.

James Ngotho addressed the students on the process of becoming an arbitrator and the opportunities in ADR. He took the students through the stages in CIArb, starting from the Associate stage, Membership stage to Fellowship stage. He was emphatic on the need to be zealous in order to succeed in ADR.

Wilfred Mutubwa summed up by urging students to take up ADR opportunities and to approach law as a dynamic field consisting of many fields, including ADR and some others which are yet to be discovered.

RLS faculty, Ms. Florence Shako gave closing remarks, thanking the visiting team for sharing its experiences with RLS students.

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