Journal Article by Ms. Florence Shako

Journal Article by Ms. Florence Shako

RLS Faculty, Ms. Shako, has recently published an article titled “Towards a Transnational Legal Order: The Role of Culture in Commercial Arbitration in Africa” in the Transnational Dispute Management Journal, Volume 13, Issue 4, October 2016.

Transnational Dispute Management Journal is an international peer reviewed journal.


International arbitration is gaining traction in Africa as an ideal method of dispute resolution for commercial disputes between parties from different jurisdictions. As cross-border commerce, trade and investment increases in the African continent, so does the potential of international arbitration. Although this is welcome economically, the convergence of culture creates unprecedented complexities when disputes arise. Although sometimes overlooked, culture plays a critical role in international arbitration as cases often involve parties from different countries. The author contextualises …(click here to read full article)

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