To ensure satisfaction among all our stakeholders. Stakeholders include students, faculty, staff, industry, parents, partners, and the wider community. Addressing the needs and expectations of our stakeholders makes Riara University a trusted and respected entity that contributes positively to society and the advancement of humanity.
The Quality Assurance department advocates for innovation in teaching and learning in order to assure graduates who are not only academically proficient but also equipped with the skills and values needed for the future workforce. This mission is in line with the University’s guiding Mantra – Quality Education is the solid bedrock for National Development, and our Core Purpose of Empowering Lives; Impacting Communities.



The Quality Assurance Department plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Riara University upholds the highest standards of service delivery. The Office focuses on maintaining quality in the services provided, continuous improvement, and putting students and other stakeholders first.

The University is committed to setting high scholarly and service standards while providing impactful learning opportunities for students, and excellent, value-driven service to all stakeholders. This is achieved through promoting, and resourcing good practices and focusing on the following areas, among others;
1. Policies: Fostering an environment of academic excellence by crafting, implementing, and continually refining well-defined policies that serve as guides, ensuring a cohesive and standardized approach to academic affairs.
2. Standard Operating Procedures: The Quality Assurance Office spearheads initiatives to document and disseminate processes that facilitate seamless academic operations.
3. Standards Maintenance: The Quality Assurance Office plays an important role in overseeing and maintaining high service standards, ensuring that they are adaptive to the evolving landscape of academic expectations and global best practices.
4. Regulatory Compliance: The Quality Assurance Office ensures that the University remains in full compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies and other statutory provisions.
5. Capacity Building: The Quality Assurance Office spearheads initiatives to empower and enhance the skills of all individuals engaged in the educational enterprise, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and intellectual advancement.

  1. Continuous Improvement
    The cornerstone of Riara University’s quality assurance strategy is continuous improvement. Regular assessments of academic programs, teaching methodologies, and administrative processes are conducted to identify areas for enhancement. Feedback from students, faculty, and industry partners is actively sought and carefully analyzed. This iterative process allows the university to adapt to emerging trends in education and industry, fostering an environment of constant growth. The Office also welcomes unsolicited feedback on any matter related to the business of the University.
  2. Innovation in Teaching and Learning
    To fulfill its mission of graduating students equipped for the future workforce, the Quality Assurance Department actively promotes innovation in teaching and learning. By fostering a culture of innovation, the university ensures that its students not only acquire academic knowledge but also the adaptive skills required in a rapidly evolving global landscape.
  3. Technology Integration for Enhanced Quality
    As we embrace the digital era, the Quality Assurance Department utilizes technology to streamline processes and enhance the overall quality of learning. Online learning platforms are utilized to broaden access to learning materials, promoting inclusivity and reaching students globally.

The Riara University Quality Assurance Office cherishes and continues to covet the partnership and support of all stakeholders in the never-ending journey towards total quality.

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