Riara University Journal of Education

Riara University Journal of Education

The Launch and Brief History of the Riara University Journal of Education

The Riara University Journal of Education (RUJE) was officially launched on Wednesday May 25th 2016 at the Riara University Campus in Nairobi. The function was officiated by Dr. Andrew Riechi, an Education Economist based at the University of Nairobi. Representatives from several public and private universities in Kenya who had been invited witnessed the launch ceremony.A Brief History of the Journal

The Riara University Journal of Education was the culmination of a conference that was held at Riara University from July 18-20, 2013. The conference, whose theme was “Transformative Education for Development: An African Perspective”, was spearheaded by the School of Education (RSE). This theme aimed at addressing issues that continue to bedevil the education sector in Africa, and their domino effect on the socio-economic development.
It was expected that as scholars and researchers congregated at Riara University, they would share their experiences and research findings in the education field that could transform the current on-going trends in education practices, and subsequently deliver the much needed development in the region. A variety of presentations based on research findings as well as intellectual opinions geared towards transformation of Education in Africa were made.

The conference advertisement attracted great interest which led to the presentation of eighty-three (83) papers, with seventy-three (73) participants directly presenting and ten (10) being read on behalf of. The following is a break-down of presenters in terms of their country of origin:

† Kenyan Presenters: 52 present (2 represented)
† Nigeria Presenters: 20 Present ( 5 represented)
† Tanzania Presenter: 1 Present
† Israel Presenter: 1 Represented
† Burkina Faso Presenter: 1 Represented
† U.S. Presenter: 1 Represented

Two Key-note speakers were invited to address the conference participants. Mrs. Ruth Kagia gave an opening Key-note speech. Dr. Andrew Riechi, who also attended the launching ceremony as the chief guest, gave the closing remarks of the conference during the conference dinner held on the second day of the conference on Friday, July 19, 2013.
After the conference, the editorial board that included the RSE faculty as well as members of the publishing board led by Dr. Muiru Ngugi of Nairobi Academic Press (NAP), embarked on the task of scrutinizing and making recommendations on papers that were presented and that were viewed to most appropriately address the conference theme. Papers selected also had to meet the specified publishing criteria and format. Subsequently, a total of 14 papers were selected to be included in this first volume of RUJE. The volume also includes in its first chapter the key note presentation by Ruth Kagia, titled “Transformative Education for Development: An African Perspective”.

A soft copy of the final volume can be read on this link in the University website. Hard copies of the journal are also available at the Riara University library.

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