RSE colloquium: Link Education to Industry

RSE colloquium: Link Education to Industry

The Riara School of Education held a colloquium on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 whose theme was Link Education to Industry.
The selection of the topic was informed by the everyday talk about school leavers and university graduates not fitting into the job market.That they only possess book knowledge and not functional knowledge.
They are said to lack transferable knowledge, skills and values such as communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, critical thinking, and the ability to work under pressure and even punctualityThe question is – Whose responsibility is it to equip learners for the job market?

Is it the university? Is it the secondary school? Is it the primary school? Is it the kindergarten? Is it the learner? Or is it the employer?

The objective of the colloquium was to present educators and educationists with a forum to exchange ideas on the roles that they need to play in their respective institutions to address the problem.

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