RU Chancellor plants Memorial Tree

RU Chancellor plants Memorial Tree

On 11th May 2017, the Chancellor of the University, Dr. Wilfred Kiboro planted a Muiri Tree (Prunus Africana) at the University Grounds in commemoration of the First Commencement Ceremony.

Prunus Africana is a tree that is known for its medicinal value and its timber that is hardwood. In pharmacology and traditional medicine, its bark is used to treat fevers, malaria, wound dressing, arrow poison, stomach pain, purgative, kidney disease, appetite stimulant, gonorrhoea, and insanity. As a hardwood, it is employed in the manufacture of axe and hoe handles, utensils, wagons, floors, chopping blocks, carvings, bridge decks, and furniture.

The Chancellor is himself a celebrated conservationist based on the work he has done in among other things, protecting the Aberdare Forest from encroachment and deforestation by helping mobilize funds, through the Rhino Ark, to construct a 400-kilometre fence around it.

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