Riara University Mentoring Programme

At Riara University, while pursuing a rigorous academic programme, we also provide the student with mentoring services. We assign experienced persons (mentors) to walk with the student part of the way in order to enhance the student’s personal, academic and career prospects.

The Riara University Mentoring Programme (RUMP) is coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students. Through this programme, Riara University students will be exposed to support, guidance, friendship, role modelling, assistance, and an attentive ear. In addition, the programme will ensure that informal, or non-structured mentoring takes place in all types of student programmes and services at Riara University.

The Riara University Mentoring Programme will be structured as follows:

Student peer mentoring

In this case, each first year student participating in the programme will be matched with a peer mentor from a senior class based on similar academic and social backgrounds. Through this programme, new students will easily acclimatize to university life, get opportunities to have a successful first year and access support in academic and social activities.

Lecturer-student mentoring

Lecturers will be identified and involved in the programme to assist students who may be facing emotional and social challenges that may inhibit the realization of their full potential in academic and personal areas.

Professional peer tutoring

The programme will similarly match experienced professionals with young and upcoming professionals to support their professional and personal growth.

Academic Support

As part of the student mentoring package, Riara University offers student academic workshops and individual consultations to support undergraduates as they transition from student to scholar. Students learn how to manage large reading loads, get the most out of course texts, take effective notes and create study tools, manage time, and overcome test anxiety or procrastination, among others.